In part 3 of this exclusive interview with Prime Minister Boris Johnson (The Horse), Boris reveals he has news on a potential cure for covid-19 from his friend Donald Trump in America! However, Peter is horrified to discover that the ‘cure’ is actually the infamous ‘bleach cure’ mentioned by Trump in a recent press conference!

Whilst this political comedy video is intended to be funny, Coronavirus (covid-19) is a very serious issue. We hope our video can provide a little comic relief in these unsettled and stressful times. Please consider donating to the charities supporting those suffering from the coronavirus (covid-19) or the subsequent upheaval and stresses it has caused across the world.

This is a work of fiction and we have no affiliation with Boris Johnson or the UK Government.

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Boris On New ‘Bleach Cure‘ From Trump Administration! – Part 3 of 3

Part three of our Posh Peter’s Politic’s Covid-19 Exclusive Interview with the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson (The Horse).In this latest British Politics Parody; Boris has some news regarding a possible cure for covid-19, which of course gets Peter very excited! However, it quickly becomes evident that the ‘cure’ may not be all its made out to be. Boris informs Peter that he’s been speaking with his good friend Donald Trump regarding a possible breakthrough in the U.S… using BLEACH! Peter is horrified when Boris reveals that he has ordered 10,000 litres of bleach to be send to all NHS hospitals in order to start administering the new treatment for coronavirus. Peter is even more horrified when Boris Johnson reveals that he has elected Peter to be the first trial patient for the new treatment! Boris wants his good friend Peter to be the first person to benefit from the ground breaking new ‘cure for covid-19’.

Peter soon tries to end the interview in order to get away from Boris and escape to somewhere safe, however Boris doesn’t want to go! He asks Peter if he can stay with him for a couple of days, because he doesn’t want to go back to work! Boris reveals that he’s finding being Prime Minister particularly stressful at the moment, due to everyone asking him what to do all of the time! Boris then let’s Peter in on his secret to making decisions when you dont want to…

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This political comedy special is themed around uk politics and covid-19 uk


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