For Celia the seal plush’s birthday, Growler the polar bear plush has arranged a trip to visit Bristol Aquarium! Celia and Growler had a lovely time looking at all of the different varieties of fish in all of the different fish tanks! Celia enjoyed the aquarium so much she wants to go again!

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Happy Birthday Celia! – Celia Visits The Fish At Bristol Aquarium! – Plush Vlog – S02E19

Growler the polar bear plush knows how much Celia the seal plush loves fish. So for Celia’s birthday, Growler tells Celia they are going to visit Bristol Aquarium!

Growler and Celia arrive at the aquarium and are both so excited to look at all of the different fish inside the different fish tanks. The plush seal and plush polar bear encounter all sorts of delicious fish including freshwater fish, tropical fish and saltwater fish.

Celia’s highlight of the aquarium was finding a fish that wanted to kiss her while Growler enjoyed looking at the coral!

Celia and Growler hope you enjoy their aquarium photos. By the end of the trip, Celia said it was the best birthday she ever had and wanted to go to the aquarium again!

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