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Comedy Plush Videos! – Plush YouTube Channel!

We have made over 100 Funny Plush Videos to date with more than 10 different characters. Stuffed Productions is a new, unique and Comedy Plush YouTube Channel, created by Growler P Bear – The Plush Polar Bear and his group of plush animal friends. But things rarely go to plan!

The Plushie Cast Include:
– Growler the Plush Polar Bear
– Bongani the Plush Giraffe
– Celia the Plush Seal
– Posh Peter the Plush Hedgehog
– Big Ted and his son Little Fred (Our Funny Teddy Bear Duo)
– Julian and Miles (A Plush lemur and a monkey who are BEST friends)
– Reverend Rumpet the Plush Elephant
– Stalin the evil Plush Meerkat
– Monty the Plush Hedgehog
– And many more plush toys too!

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