Julian the lemur plush & Miles the monkey plush are life long friends and as such Miles would be prepared to do anything for his best friend Julian. However, when Julian comes to Miles asking for a favor, the plush monkey is surprised to find that Julian now wants to be more than friends!

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Polish My Knob – Plush Comedy Short By Stuffed Productions

Julian the lemur plush has a favour to ask of his best friend Miles. Julian explains to Miles that he has woken up for a yearning to have his knob polished.

Miles the monkey plush is taken aback and is surprised by this development especially as he thought he had kept his knob polishing a secret. However, the lemur plush explains that since they are like a married couple, he knows all of Miles’s secrets and that his expertise in knob polishing will be very useful.

With the secret now out in the open, the monkey plush is able to talk more freely about his knob polishing experience including all of the knob polishing he did while he was in the navy! Julian is reassured to hear about all of Miles’s experience and the lemur plush is sure that he will be satisfied with Miles’s work.

Miles decides that he would be honoured to polish Julian’s knob. With that established, the monkey plush is then excited to find that it’s going to take at least a couple of hours to do a thorough job because of how big Julian’s knob is!

Miles is very pleased that this is finally happening and opens up to Julian about how he has wanted to do this for years! The lemur plush is surprised by this development and explains that he could have polished his knob at any time if he had asked. However, the monkey plush is just please that they are finally on the same page with regards to how they feel about each other.

Julian & Miles head off to the bedroom. However, Miles is suddenly surprised to find themselves at the bedroom door. Miles enquires about this but the lemur plush explains that there is one knob outside the bedroom and one inside.

Miles is confused until the lemur plush finally reveals that all this time he was talking about having his doorknob polished. Julian quickly leaves the monkey plush to get started leaving Miles to be rather disappointed.

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