Introducing Rumpet’s new show – Revelations With Rumpet where our elephant plushie Rumpet channels his inner guru to solve your problems!

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Revelations With Rumpet – Advice & Life Coaching From Our Elephant Guru – Comedy Plush Videos

Rumpet is back with his latest show – Revelations With Rumpet. Our elephant plushie wants to be your agony aunt and help you with your day to day problems and moral dilemmas and all he asks in exchange is just a small administration fee for his time.

Rumpet’s first call is from a man who’s cat is stuck up a tree and he’s deeply upset about it. Not to worry, Rumpet channels his inner guru and comes up with a perfect solution. All he needs is $50 for an extra special blessing and Rumpet uses his holy powers to bless the man’s broom and his ladder.

Next is a woman who’s suffering from a gambling addiction. Surely this will be too much for our elephant plushie? Not to worry, Rumpet comes up with an ingenious solution and promises just to keep the woman’s money with him. What could possibly go wrong?

However, Rumpet’s last call beggars belief and you’ll have to watch to see why our elephant plush gets so astounded.

We hope you enjoyed Revelations With Rumpet – Advice & Life Coaching From Our Elephant Guru – Comedy Plush Videos

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