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S02E03 Elephant Plush Scam Artist?! – Plush Videos – Heffalump Plush

Another Plush Interview, this time with Reverend Rumpet the Heffalump Plush. Growler wants to find out how things have been for Rumpet over the past 12 months, but it turns out he had completely forgotten about the Plush YouTube Channel! As usual, Rumpet has been too busy caught up in his scheming and scamming!

Rumpet reflects on the ‘difficulties’ that he had while ‘fundraising’ for the Stuffed Productions YouTube channel. However it turns out he was actually scamming people!! He then took the money from his ‘fundraising’ and invested it in the stock market… only to see market to crash and his investment disappear leaving with only $700 dollars from the many millions he had accumulated. After taking his cut, he gave the remaining $500 to Bongani… who of course, spent the entire amount on lottery tickets…!

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