It’s the Stuffed Productions Halloween Special and Growler the polar bear plush is home alone watching some of his favourite comedy YouTube videos. However, when Growler suddenly hears an unexpected sound upstairs, does Growler have an unexpected intruder?

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Stuffed Productions Horror/Halloween Special 2019!

On the evening of Halloween, Growler the plush polar bear is unwinding by watching some comedy.

However, little does he know what is going on upstairs in his bathroom. After many flashes of light, the door moves and a figure walks out.

We cut back to the front room to find Growler is still enjoying his Halloween Jokes. However, the plush polar bear suddenly hears a faint sound that catches his attention but isn’t concerned for too long when he hears the punchline to his next joke.

However, unbeknowst to Growler, the figure is getting closer as it goes down the stairs. As it goes down, Growler suddenly hears a noice and for the first time realises that perhaps he isn’t alone…

The plush polar bear is a little concerned and calls out to see if anyone is there. However, when noone calls back, Growler assumes that he’s being paranoid and goes back to watching the Halloween video.

But still the figure is getting closer and closer. But as it heads towards the door, it hits an obstacle making a loud noise that Growler can no longer ignore.

Growler decides that he can no longer enjoy his Halloween joke video and has to go and investigate the disturbance. The plush polar bear cautiously heads towards the door unsure of what he may find.

Growler opens the door slowly and… finds nothing! Growler checks both sides to make sure and decides that it must not have been anyone and heads back inside. But suddenly as he sits back down, there is a scratch at the door!

The polar bear plush has to steel himself again to open the door. Growler slowly opens the door expecting to be something dangerous but instead finds a very cute panda plush.

Growler is relieved and is pleased to find a new friend for the Stuffed Animal Comedy YouTube Channel. However, as the plush polar bear goes to introduce itself, the demeanour of the panda begins to change. Suddenly the panda launches itself at Growler. Will the plush polar bear survive or is this it for the founder of Stuffed Productions?

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Stuffed Productions!

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