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These are UNSCRIPTED funny plush videos featuring stuffed animals as the characters. See more of our plush episodes:
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S02E07 – Julian + Miles – Best Friends Forever! – Comedy Plush Videos

Miles and Julian are an odd pair… the Lemur and Monkey have a long and fruitful history together, but the nature of their relationship poses many questions! They are entirely devoted to one another, although Miles takes a more submissive and servile role in the relationship.

Growler asks the two animals how they feel the last 12 months has gone here at Stuffed Productions. They recall meeting Bongani the Giraffe in an earlier episode where Miles was caught polishing his horns! This led to a rather steamy situation when Julian decided to join in!

Growler also questions Miles over his recent qualification as a Doctor. In a previous episode Growler was treated by ‘Dr Miles’ with some rather questionable results!

Miles and Julian have become beloved characters of our Plush YouTube Channel. Their relationship still remains a complex mystery!

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Our unscripted Funny Plush YouTube Videos are suitable for all ages – although the videos do touch on more adult subjects and have more adult humor at times.

S02E07 – Julian + Miles – Best Friends Forever! – Comedy Plush Videos and Stuffed Animal videos by Stuffed Productions

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