Monty is back with another episode in our Gardeners World series. This week Monty finally gets rewarded for his efforts in the garden and Monty teaches us the basics to pruning the plants in your garden.

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This week Monty is pleased to find that his gardening tips have paid off as he has grown some delicious strawberries! They are now ready to pick and Monty attempts to show our Gardener’s World viewers how to harvest the strawberries correctly.

However, as Monty leaves to find something to put the strawberries in, an owl flies in and treats himself to some of the strawberries.

Monty comes back to find half of his strawberries have been eaten! Monty is so disappointed that his gardening tips have all been for nothing. The owl better watch out as Monty declares that in a future episode of Gardener’s World, he’s declaring a war on birds!

After failing with the harvest, Monty decides to try and put his effort into something more productive by giving us some gardening tips on pruning. Monty goes through the basics of pruning as he prunes one of his own rose bushes.

However, perhaps our Gardener’s World host is still feeling angry over the strawberries, as Monty keeps pruning the plant further and further down until there’s almost nothing left!

Finally as another of Monty’s gardening hack, Monty then shows how to prune a large plant in one go. Who knew pruning could be so easy?

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