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1 YEAR of PLUSH YOUTUBE VIDEO! – Comedy Plush YouTube Videos

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These are UNSCRIPTED Plush YouTube videos featuring stuffed animals / plushies as the unique characters.

Growler The Stuffed Animal Polar Bear has fallen asleep and forgotten all about our 1 Year Anniversary! He was supposed to make this video a long time ago but he’s been asleep for the last 3 weeks!!

This is a homage to our first ever video, Episode 1 – Stuffed Productions Channel Launch in which Growler also had forgotten to film the video due to having fallen asleep! However, like in our first video, Bongani the Giraffe wont stop interrupting poor Growler as he attempts to get the now late video recorded as quickly as possible.

This video is a thankyou to everyone who has subscribed to our channel over the past 12 months and supported the production of our Comedy Toy Stuffed Animal Videos. We also look back at some of the best bits from the 100+ Comedy Plush YouTube Videos we have made over the past year.

To date we have released over 10 hours worth of toy stuffed animal content, with 100 comedy episodes and now a cast of over 10 different characters, each with their own unique personality. The channel has started to grow thanks to the increased support and although things started out slowly we have seen an increase in subscribers over the recent months, so thankyou all for your support! With the addition of new equipment including a 4k Camera, Microphones and Lighting we have also been able to increase the quality of our stuffed animal comedy videos, with the aim of one day reaching a level similar to that seen on TV shows/Netflix etc.

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Our unscripted Comedy Plush YouTube Videos are suitable for all ages – although the videos do touch on more adult subjects and have more adult humor at times.

1 YEAR of PLUSH YOUTUBE VIDEO! – Comedy Plush YouTube Videos

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