Rumpet the plush elephant guru is back for a second episode of Revelations With Rumpet! Once again, Rumpet channels his inner guru to solve your problems! However, this time the caller appears to be a little closer to home.

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Mr Lampsofa – A Plush Comedy Short From Stuffed Productions

Rumpet the plush elephant is back for a second episode of his hit show Revelations With Rumpet! Our elephant plushie wants to be your agony aunt and he helps his viewers with their day to day problems and moral dilemmas and all he asks in exchange is just a small administration fee for his time.

In today’s episode, Rumpet has a very special call to deal with what is apparently a very sensitive and serious problem. However, as the call begins, the plush elephant hears a very familiar voice and as the caller explains his problem, Rumpet realises the caller is Bongani!

However, Bongani is not keen to be seen asking for help and as Rumpet asks the caller who he is, the plush giraffe suddenly has to come up with a whole new identity! As Rumpet presses him for his name, Bongani frantically looks around for inspiration and in a panic decides his new name is… Mr Lampsofa!

Rumpet catches on to the fake name and decides to turn the tables on the plush giraffe. After getting Mr Lampsofa to confirm that he is nothing like Bongani, Rumpet reveals that Steven Spielberg needs a giraffe with orange spots to come to Hollywood!

Mr Lampsofa is very excited about this opportunity and in the process reveals that he has an awful lot in common with Bongani. However, the plush elephant guru decides that after initially planning to recommend Bongani to Steven Spielberg, he will now recommend Mr Lampsofa instead especially as Mr Lampsofa is so much less annoying than Bongani!

Bongani as Mr Lampsofa tries to steer the conversation back to helping Bongani but the plush elephant agony aunt is having none of it and is only too pleased to help Mr Lampsofa especially considering how annoying Bongani the plush giraffe is.

Finally Bongani realises the conversation is going nowhere and decides to tell Rumpet that he has a confession to make. However, as the plush elephant starts to get excited for his moment of glory, Mr Lampsofa reveals his real name is… Mr Boxsofa! As Rumpet is caught off guard, the plush giraffe is finally able to get away and hang up!

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