Little Fred is mistakenly Quarantined for Coronavirus in our latest comedy sketch video. Subscribe for more comedy sketch videos each month!

Whilst this video is intended to be funny, Coronavirus is a very serious issue. We hope our video can provide a little comic relief in these unsettled and stressful times. Please consider donating to the charities supporting those suffering from the coronavirus or the subsequent upheaval and stresses it has caused across the world.

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S03E02 – Quarantined for Coronavirus comedy sketch – plush videos

Big Ted is the paranoid and over protective father to Little Fred, a young, aspirational bear who is always eager to embrace everything the life has to offer. Ted however is not so keen on Freddy’s perspective and spends most of his time ruining the little bears fun with safety measures and protocol.

In this latest Plush Comedy Sketch little Fred is quarantined in a clean room after he develops a very minor cough due to Big Ted immediately assuming it might be the awful Coronavirus! Big Ted feels that one can never be too safe, and so after determining that Freddy is most likely not infected with the virus, he quarantines him anyway to make sure he cant catch it!

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