It’s Christmas Day and after another failure, Stalin the Russian Meerkat is losing his patience both with Hamish and with Christmas. After calling Hamish in to once again berate him on his failure, Stalin reveals his final and deadly plan…

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Operation Silent Night – Stuffed Productions Christmas Special Part 3

It’s the evening of Christmas Day and after Hamish messed up Operation Buzzkill, Stalin the Russian Meerkat Plush berates Hamish for giving his money to Growler and the bees to his Mother. Stalin has now lost patience and decides that he now needs to step in.

The meerkat plush then walks Hamish through Operation Silent Night. Stalin explains that the only thing he likes about Christmas are the bangs from pulling a Christmas Cracker. However, Stalin thinks that Christmas Crackers would be much more interesting if they were more explosive so he has taken a Christmas Cracker from the Stuffed Productions Christmas Dinner table, and he’s going to replace it with his new cracker with dynamite inside, killing the Stuffed Productions cast in the process!

Stalin then leaves and then brings another identical cracker which he explains he and Hamish will pull in celebration once the cracker has exploded! Hamish asks how he can tell the difference between the two but once again Stalin is prepared and has a very simple method. Stalin also tells Hamish not to be concerned as he’s not even doing the plan this time. As Stalin leaves, feeling excited about his dastardly plans, will he succeed where Hamish failed?

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