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Thank You For Your Support! 200 Subscriber Special!

Our Stuffed Animal Comedy YouTube channel has just got 200 subscribers and Bongani the plush giraffe is very excited to share the news and thank our loyal viewers.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that perhaps Bongani has his own agenda. The plush giraffe gets very upset when he tells us that Stuffed Productions has 1000 followers compared to Bongani’s 300 followers. Bongani says that it would make him so happy if HE could have more followers.

Bongani then moves on to talk about the Stuffed Productions Patreon page. However, once again the plush giraffe makes it all about himself and how your donations can help him be paid a million pounds per year.

Apparently in preparation of his new found income, Bongani has even pre-ordered a new Lambroghini for £1.5 million so he would appreciate it if you could start donating right now! He’s even setup a new Patreon Reward Tier so that you can start donating! Its got to be the most expensive Patreon reward tier ever! What do you get with this tier? A trip in the Lamborghini that your money will be paying for! 😂

Sadly Patreon doesnt allow Reward tiers above £15,000, but Bongani says you can increase the limit yourself when pledging to the require £1,000,000 that Bongani currently needs. Although he also says he’ll take group donations in £15,000 increments.

Suddenly Growler calls out for Bongani and the plush giraffe quickly has to leave. Growler comes in none the wiser but decides to leave his own message of appreciation to our loyal subscribers.

We’d like to thank both subscribers and non-subscribers for watching our stuffed animal comedy videos and showing your support for out plush comedy YouTube channel. We do hope you enjoy our future videos and please share with any friends who you feel would enjoy our videos.

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