In his latest scheme to get famous, Bongani decides after her disappointing last album, that he would be perfect to produce Katy Perry’s next album. After sending a message to Katy Perry on Twitter, the plush giraffe gets thirsty after seeing an advert for coke. However, Bongani doesn’t want to leave in case he misses Katy Perry’s response so is relieved when Stalin arrives and says he can get the coke for him. But when Stalin comes back it is quite clear that his idea of coke is very different to Bongani’s…

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Katy Perry & The Coke Deal – A 2020 Plush Comedy Short Film By Stuffed Productions

After failing in his aim to get to Hollywood, Bongani decides that being a music producer would be the perfect way to become famous. However, Bongani needs a client and after contacting different music artists, he suddenly realises that after the critical failure of her last album, Katy Perry would be the perfect client to work with.

Bongani sends Katy Perry a message on Twitter and is immediately annoyed when Katy Perry doesn’t immediately respond and as the plush giraffe starts to get thirsty, suddenly a delicious advert for coke appears making him even more thirsty.

As the plush giraffe considers buying some coke, he realises that he can’t leave as otherwise he could miss Katy Perry’s response. However, luckily for Bongani, Stalin appears to have overheard Bongani’s plea for coke and he explains that he can go and get the coke for him. Bongani is very pleased as he sends Stalin on his way.

However, Bongani’s mood quickly changes as he still hasn’t heard back from Katy Perry and with nothing to do, Bongani starts to wonder if there’s a quicker way to get famous. Suddenly another advert appears offering instant fame for giraffes! Bongani is delighted and after briefly questioning whether it’s too good to be true decides that he wants to give them a call. However, as Bongani goes away to get the phone, Katy Perry finally replies with a very exciting opportunity that poor Bongani has now missed!

A short time later Stalin comes back. However, it is very clear that Stalin’s idea of coke is very different to Bongani’s. Stalin dumps the coke on the table and after being satisifed with his work leaves with Bongani now owing him £10000.

Finally Freddy arrives and wonders what this bag of powdered sugar is doing. Freddy decides that he would enjoy the powdered sugar and takes it with him. As Freddy then tries the sugar, he then gets out of control.

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