Gary is quite possibly the worlds Stupidest Owl!! The Owl Plush has appeared in several of our videos, mainly as Bongani’s ‘Personal Assistant’… although he hasnt really assisted with much!

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S02E11 – Aren’t Owls Supposed To Be Wise??? – Gary The Owl Plush InterviewFunny Plush Videos

Growler’s final interview is with Gary the plush owl. Even though the plush owl perhaps isn’t considered a main character of our plush comedy YouTube channel, since becoming Bongani’s the plush giraffe’s personal assistant, Gary has unintentionally frustrated Bongani at every opportunity.

However, since this was done behind Growler’s back, the stuffed polar bear has never registered Gary to be an official member of our cast. As a result, Growler calls the plush owl in to fill out his application form.

It becomes apparent very quickly that perhaps Gary doesn’t live up to the stereotype of owls being wise. In fact, Gary is so stupid that he even seems to forget that he’s even a plush owl!

However, perhaps Gary’s stupidity is all a facade. As Growler discusses his time at Stuffed Productions he finds one or two suprises including the fact that the plush owl may have been with the SAS? Growler starts to wonder if perhaps there is more to this plush owl than meets the eye which is instantly dismissed when for no apparent reason Gary decides to stand on his head and leave.

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