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S02E09 – Hamish The Drunk Scottish Teddy BearFunny Teddy Bear Videos

Hamish the Teddy Bear has appeared in a number of our videos, but he isnt actually a member of the cast! And when Hamish is around, it usually means trouble! The Drunk, Volatile, Scottish Bear has terrorized the plush animal cast of Stuffed Productions for over a year now! In this video, Growler the Polar Bear manages to finally speak with the mysterious, violent Teddy Bear that he has heard so much about…

Hamish is off to the pub to enjoy a drink where suddenly he’s stopped by Growler. Growler the polar bear plush needs to speak to Hamish about a number of different incidents that have occured with some of his plush colleagues. Hamish isn’t interested but Growler has a plan and tells Hamish that if he stays, he will get free booze!

Now that Growler has got Hamish’s attention, Growler asks about his relationship with his “nephew” Freddy which immediately becomes suspicious when Hamish says he has no idea who Freddy is! Growler then has to remind Hamish of the time when he met Hamish as he was taking Freddy (a young child Teddy Bear) to the pub. Growler then explains that Freddy’s teddy bear father, Big Ted was amazed to find out that he had a brother he hadn’t met before!

Growler then reminds Hamish of the extreme punishment that Big Ted gave to Hamish and Freddy, In a bid to prove the dangers of drinking. Ted decided that they should all have a drinking contest! As the teddy bears drink the whisky through the night, the fun and jovial atmosphere changes completely as Big Ted and Fred have the mother of all hangovers.

Hamish protests to the line of questioning and claims that they are all now good friends. However, Hamish starts to get very uncomfortable when Growler shows footage of him beating up other stuffed animals. Firstly, Growler shows him giving a Glasgee kiss to Posh Peter, the snooty hedgehog plush.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, Hamish completely denys it and says it was in self defence and claims he was stabbed in the back! Growler is dismissive of this, until Hamish shows Growler his back leaving Growler horrified!

However, Hamish is again in trouble when Growler shows footage of him hitting General Monty, another hedgehog plush. Hamish has another trick up his sleeve and claims it was actually his twin brother, Jamish!

Growler is left in a dilemma. Growler thinks he would be a great character for his Plush Comedy YouTube channel but knows that he can’t let these deeds go unpunished. Growler comes up with a compromise and proposes to Hamish that he will let this incident pass if he works for him as a security guard. Hamish is very excited until he realises that he can’t beat up any people or stuffed animals. Hamish decides he’s had enough and walks off to the pub on his merry way leaving Growler exasperated!

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Our unscripted Funny teddy bear Videos are suitable for all ages – although the videos do touch on more adult subjects and have more adult humor at times.

S02E09 – Hamish The Drunk Scottish Teddy BearFunny Teddy Bear Videos

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