Freddy the Teddy Bear is excited to tell his Dad all about his latest career ambitions. The little Teddy Bear has his sites set high, after watching some very informative ‘Documentaries’ Freddy is excited for his future career as the next James Bond! His Teddy bear Father, Big Ted, has to break the news to him that 007 isnt real!

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Is Freddy The Next James Bond??? – Funny Teddy Bear Videos

After watching some James Bond “documentaries” including Goldeneye, Dr No and The World Is Not Enough, Fred announces to his teddy bear father what he wants to be when he grows up…
…a James Bond!?!

Fred seems to think that the world’s most famous spy, James Bond (007) is actually job?!? He seems to think that its all real, including all the gadgets, cars, women, martinis (shaken, not stirred!) and the fact that he’s British!

The little Teddy Bear seems to think that the world famous James Bond movies are actually factual documentaries, and that the actors, including stars such as Sean Connery and Roger More were actually doing the ‘job’ of a ‘James Bond’ rather than starring in a fictional action film!

The little Teddy Bear wants to know how to apply to become a James Bond. Poor Ted has to explain to his naive Teddy Bear son, that James Bond actually isnt real!

Fred is initially VERY disappointed… until he realises that he can just be a spy instead! However his paranoid and overprotective teddy bear father is not at all keen on that idea and tries to explain to Freddy the dangers involved with being a spy – its not as glamorous as the James Bond movies might suggest!

The dangers involved with being a real ‘James Bond’ deter the little teddy bear momentarily, until he thinks of a solution to that to… He’ll join the army and become a General! (Of course!) Fred is so excited as he explains how cool it would be to have tanks, aircraft and armies under his control and is even more excited when he explains how being in the army would be like Call Of Duty and how fun it would be to go to war?!?

Ted tries to explain to Ted, the truth about war, and how its nothing like Call of Duty or any video games! However, Fred isnt really listening and decides that he doesn’t want to be James Bond or in the army, he now wants to be a Jedi like in Star Wars! Ted tries to explain that Star Wars also isn’t real either to which Fred explains that he’s already been practising being a Jedi and that Star Wars is real! Jedi‘s are the best and he’s going to be a Teddy Bear Jedi when he grows up!

Ted is disbelieving of his son, but Fred offers to prove it by performing a jedi mind trick. Ted decides to play along expecting his son to fail. Fred tries and tells his Dad to go away and to his surprise, it works! Fred’s teddy bear dad turns around and walks away leaving Fred astonished and delighted!

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