Mr Rumpet is back with his YouTube shopping series Buy It With Rumpet and as it’s Black Friday, Mr Rumpet the plush elephant has lined up some very exciting deals! But forget your cheap Black Friday TVs and Vacuum cleaners, Mr Rumpet is holding the first ever Black Friday Property Sale!

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The 1st Ever Black Friday Property Sale!!! – Buy It With Rumpet – Black Friday 2019

Following on from Mr Rumpet’s successful Cyber Monday sale in 2018, for 2019 Mr Rumpet has decided to host a very special Black Friday property sale!

Mr Rumpet is very excited to start the Black Friday sale especially as he boasts that he has got some brand new sophisticated property software from his friends over in India which even has voice commands!

First, Mr Rumpet shows a beautiful mansion in the idyllic countryside which as it’s Black Friday is now being sold for an unbelivably low price and as we go to the inside of the mansion, it is clear that this is a home being sold well below its real value.

But surely this is all too good to be true? Well Mr Rumpet assures us that all the properties being sold in the Black Friday sale are genuine. However, unbeknownst to the elephant plush, it seems that his new software might be saying otherwise as it starts to encounter some “technical” difficulties.

Mr Rumpet moves to show some of his cheaper properties in his Black Friday sale but as he starts showing his council house, the elephanty plush finally realises that his property software is malfunctioning and showing the real pictures of the properties. Rumpet manages to gloss it over but when it happens again with his block of flats, the elephant plush manages to fix the issue with his remote control.

However, the system quickly go awry again and so Rumpet steps away to try and “fix” the machine. With it now finally working again, the elephant plush is finally able to continue with the Black Friday sale but then quickly finds that the property management system is now only showing the real photos. Rumpet panics and decides to make a quick getaway.

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