Hissy REALLY loves giving “hugs”! The plush snake loves giving hugs to animals, people and even furniture! So when the plush snake suddenly finds Growler alone, Hissy decides that maybe the plush polar bear would appreciate one of his hugs. However, Growler is reluctant to hug a stranger. Can Hissy persuade the plush polar bear to have a hug and why does the plush snake like hugging so much?

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After finding Growler alone, Hissy decides it’s an opportune moment to give the plush polar bear a “hug”. However, just as the plush snake is about to hug he bumps into the plush polar bear surprising Growler.

Growler calls the plush snake back in and demands to know who he is and why he’s here? However, Hissy is still desperate for his hug, and so plays along when the plush polar bear assumes he has come for an interview to be a new cast member at Stuffed Productions.

As Growler and Hissy get to know each other, it is clear that the plush snake loves hugs! Apparently he was even fired from his previous job because the plush snake gave hugs to all the children!

However, Hissy still wants a hug and the plush snake finally gets his opportunity. As Hissy and Growler start to argue over who can hug the hardest, the plush snake asks the polar bear if he can give him a hug to prove that he hugs the hardest.

Growler agrees. But suddenly, we see that Hissy is not just hugging the plush polar bear, the plush snake is trying to strangle him to death! Will Hissy succeed or will Growler be able to fight his way out?

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