It’s Christmas Eve and while most of the Stuffed Productions cast are excited for Christmas Day, Stalin the Russian Meerkat hates Christmas and decides that he wants to ruin it for everyone else. So Stalin call his henchman Hamish to tell him of his plot to stop Santa delivering his presents!

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Operation Crappy Cookie – Stuffed Productions Christmas Special Part 1 Of 3

It’s Christmas Eve and Stalin the Russian Meerkat calls his Scottish teddy bear henchman Hamish and asks him to come to his lair. Stalin explains how he hates how Christmas is so joyous and festive, and that nothing would make him happier than ruining Christmas for the rest of the Stuffed Productions cast!

After much consideration, Stalin decides what better way to ruin Christmas than to stop Santa delivering the presents and so has devised an evil plan. The plush meerkat explains that he has put some laxatives in his special homemade cookies which when Santa eats them will leave a big brown mess in his trousers and leave all of the animals disappointed on Christmas Day!

However, as Stalin is going to be away continuing his smear campaign against Father Christmas, Stalin has asked his henchman Hamish to leave the cookies under the Christmas Tree for Santa. The plush teddy bear is more than happy to do this for his boss.

Stalin then has a second task for Hamish. The plush meerkat leaves and then comes back with what appears to be another plate of identical cookies. Stalin explains that after a long day, there is nothing better he likes than to unwind in the bath and eat a batch of his delicious cookies. The plush meerkat asks the Scottish teddy bear to leave these cookies in the bathroom ready for when he gets back.

However, it hasn’t escaped Hamish’s attention that the cookies on both the plates are identical but fortunately Stalin has a very simple solution for that. Stalin explains that the cookies for Santa are on the PINK plate and the cookies for him are on the ROSE plate. There’s no way that Hamish can get it wrong now especially as Stalin explains how dire the consequences would be…

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