Growler the plush polar bear is back for a follow up appointment with his plush friend Doctor Miles. Previously Growler suffered a horrific leg break but even that seemed to be less horrific than Doctor Mile’s poor bedside manner.

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A VERY PAINFUL ASSESSMENT! – Crunch Time – Comedy Plush Videos!

Growler the plush polar bear pops in to see Doctor Miles. Growler is pleased that after many weeks, his broken leg has finally recovered.

However, immediately once again Doctor Miles the plush monkey shows his poor bedside manner having no memory which leg was broken. In fact the plush monkey even manages to offend Growler by asking him if his face is broken! Miles suggests that a light course of plastic surgery could sort out Growler’s face which immediately irritates the plush polar bear.

Miles moves on to ask some routine follow up questions. Growler is pleased that Miles is finally showing some concern. However, again the interaction between Doctor Miles and his plush polar bear patient quickly goes awry when the plush monkey decides to ask if Growler has seen any good movies!

Finally, they are able to move on to the physical examination. Doctor Miles has a highly sophisticated, calibrated tool to check whether Growler’s leg has properly healed. However, Growler’s enthusiasm quickly disappears when the plush monkey’s sophisticated tool turns out to be a hammer.

Doctor MIles starts to perform the examination using the hammer. The plush bear asks Doctor Miles to be careful. The plush monkey insists that Growler has nothing to worry about! As the doctor goes to hit the patient’s leg, the hammer swings with a lot of force and breaks Growler’s leg.

The poor plush polar bear is in pain and becomes incredulous when Doctor Miles seems to completely abandon his bedside manner and has no recollection that he has just broken Growler’s leg.

Doctor Miles quickly goes to get some pain killers. After concluding that the strange pink liquid must be the painkillers, the plush monkey rushes back to help his patient. Growler is relieved, until the plush monkey tells him how the treatment has to be administered…

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