It’s a proud day for Gardeners World host Monty! The battle to defeat the invasive weeds is finally over! But it appears Monty has used some rather unconventional solutions to this common garden issue!

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S02E12 Gardeners World 2019 – Monty Is Victorious! – BBC Gardeners World 2019

On today’s episode of Gardeners World 2019, our plush hedgehog host Monty has declared that the war on weeds is finally over! Joined by an ambassador for the plants, Monty announces that he and the plants have agreed a truce.

However, its clear from the destruction around him, that he used some rather unconventional methods, to remove the invasive weeds from his garden! Weeding the Garden is a common and necessary task in any garden, usually it would involve removing the weeds where they have sprung up. Monty it seems, has taken a more aggressive approach…

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