Growler the polar bear plush and his friends are off on a plush animal adventure to the seaside town of Weymouth. Watch as Growler, Celia, Julian and Miles enjoy all that Weymouth and the seaside had to offer including the picturesque harbor!

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We’re Off To The Seaside! – Plush Animal Adventure To Weymouth!!!

Growler and the gang are on a plush animal adventure to the coastal British seaside town of Weymouth!

First they start at their plush animal adventure at the harbour where Celia the plush seal very much enjoyed looking at all of the fishing boats. However, the thought of fishing suddenly makes Celia very hungry, but fortunately Growler knows where to find some.

From the harbour, the plush animals move on to look at the different shops in Weymouth where Celia finds a new seal friend!

Next it’s off to the arcade to play some games. Celia plays with the coin pushers but soon gets a little too carried away. Meanwhile, Julian the lemur plush finds other plush animal friends trapped inside the claw machine. Can Julian free them?

Finally the plush animal adventure comes to a close as the animals head off to the beach where Growler finds a very big ice cream!

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